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Ikomia – A shared vision of research

Ikomia is a french startup dedicated to computer vision and artificial intelligence.

At Ikomia, we deeply believe in a modern way to use and share research works all around the world. We also believe that accessing and testing methods from the state of the art should not be time consuming. Finally, we believe that researchers make some promising algorithms but unfortunately, most of them are not exploited by the industry. Hence, we want to simplify all these steps and we propose a new tool to ease your computer vision experience.

In this post, we briefly introduce the Ikomia platform as a universal and optimized platform for using and sharing algorithms. In the following, we give an overview of the platform and we will detail each paragraph in a dedicated post later on.

Input data


Input data

First, we must talk about what kind of data we can use in Ikomia. The platform uses OpenCV and VTK to load the following data:

  • Color and grayscale images in standard formats
  • Videos
  • Temporal image sequences
  • Image stacks (3D)
  • Medical images (DICOM)
  • Streaming (Internal webcam, USB Cam, IP Cam)

Computer vision libraries

Computer vision libIn Ikomia, we offer many algorithms provided by the OpenCV framework. It ranges from the basic operations to some more sophisticated processes. Moreover, we begin to integrate the G’MIC library developed by the GREYC lab. We could integrate many other libraries like Dlib, ITK or VTK. In short, we are waiting for your feedback!

Node based editor

Ikomia vision - Node based editor


To simplify the use of many algorithms, we propose a node based editor in order to chain multiple processes. This graph-based approach allows you to design your own algorithm or to compare different methods. Then the limit relies only on your creativity!


Vision algorithm integration

Algorithm integration

Do you develop innovative, fast or original algorithms? Do you code in Python or C++?  Then Ikomia is made for you! Don’t wait and use our API to easily bind your code in the platform! What’s the advantage? You benefit from an already dedicated environment for your data and you can compare your work with others. Moreover, you can promote and share your algorithm with the community thanks to our marketplace.

Computer vision marketplace

Algorithm marketplace


Finally, we propose a marketplace for computer vision and deep learning algorithms. As a researcher, you can publish your own ready to use Python code to the community. On the other hand, as a user, you can download a ready to use method that you can apply on your own data.


In this post, we cover the main features of Ikomia. In addition, we will soon make other posts to explain each features in more detail. What’s next? We are working hard to finalize the pre-release version of Ikomia. Meanwhile, we would be glad to read all your feedback. Are you interested in our solution? Does it correspond to something you need? Please let us know all your thoughts in the comments below !

Ikomia (pre-release version) is coming soon!! Be ready for Christmas! 
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